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10 Awesome Ethereum NFT Mints happening December 2021!

December is the season of approaching winter, between summer and winter during which temperatures gradually decrease. A month where there are many NFT mints for collectors to watch out for. Various season that connects to design ideas in NFT art such as the Christmas, New Year's Eve, Party, St. Nicholas Day and many more.

Sit back and relax as we collected our 10 favourite Ethereum NFT mints for this month.
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NFT Mint: Project 3333

Project 3333 is an exciting celebration for all lovers of Japanese culture and aesthetic, with each artwork available to enjoy at your leisure! The Project3333 community will be a place where people can come to learn about new projects or work together on existing ones. To make sure this great project runs smoothly we need your help in making it so successful that others want join us too- because when one person’s idea becomes everyone’s shared reality then anything truly does become possible

Mint Cost: 0.25 ETH

NFT Mint: Sloties

With Sloties, you can take your game to the next level. With an NFT in this world of online gambling and blockchain technology there’s always a chance for big bucks! Join one exclusive club or become part owner with Defi Gambl by betting on slots now at Slotiez!

Mint Cost: 0.16 ETH

NFT Mint: Remember Metaverse

Memorial Stone is a commemorative NFT on Ethereum that will be located in the Remember Metaverse. Each artwork is original and delicately crafted with quality, for you to tell your dear person’s story just as it happened; Memorial Block can also unlock Memorial Hall where memories from loved ones are stored happily ever after! Memories are important to cherish and with Memorial

Stone you can preserve them forever. The owner of the Memorial will decide who they remember, what memorabilia is displayed in their home or garden for visitors to see; not just people that have passed away but also living relatives wishing show off photos & videos from years past too!

Metaverse is an everlasting space where you can keep forever memories of those who have or will pass before us. The world consists of multiple unique Memorial Stones in each place, with each stone having its own memory for eternity.

Mint Cost: 0.1 ETH

NFT Mint: Chimp Club

The Chimp Club is a place where 10,000 handcrafted and randomly assembled Chimps live on Ethereum blockchain. Each chimp characterizes their own vibe with unique body parts like hats or faces that match your mood to create an experience just right for you! You should get involved because we have lots planned in this community-we can’t do it without YOUR help though…

Mint Cost: 0.05 ETH

NFT Mint: Living Dead Pixel Society

There are so many zombies nowadays! They’re everywhere you look, and the only thing that can save us from their endless surge into society is an eccentric scientist with all-consuming passion. He’s braved through blood spilled experiments to create a living army on his own — LDPS (Living Dead Pixel Soldiers).

These soldiers once laid motionless in graveyard until one day when they woke up out of curiosity as he messed around unprepared… Now these deranged creatures roam our city like ghosts come alive at night ready kill anything wearing white clothes on sight because those must be Scientists trying capture them again after releasing some kind ones last century without permission!!

Play as your Zombie Character in Our Play to Earn Pixelated Zombie Run and escape the Evil Scientist trying to perform his evil tricks on you. Collect $LSD tokens while upgrading with LS Dream Tokens!

Mint Cost: 0.06 ETH

NFT Mint: DogeVille Pack

DogeVille is a unique new gaming metaverse on Immutable X that features 10,000 NFT characters. You’ll take the role of Doge and battle against Punks to earn valuable in-game currency while completing objectives like building factories for farming bones as well! Gamble your way towards success with all kinds of casino games at stake here if you’re ready for an experience without limits – this one’s just right up yours!

Mint Cost: 0.05 ETH

NFT Mint: 9 Tales

The 9999 unique characters created by this world-builder will be used for a card game that rewards its players with different perks. With gas wars being such an issue, we’ve come up with an innovative minting process so you can spend less time in line and more making your own rules!

Mint Cost: TBA

NFT Mint: Wasteland Union

Get ready to embark on a journey into the world of Wasteland Union, an immersive story-driven cryptocurrency that combines NFT and DeFi with yield earning protocols. Join our community wallet while you’re there! You can have voting rights for what assets are available within it as well some DAO vault governance over its future decisions – all in exchange for your stake at $UNION per contribution level or higher (although any amount is appreciated)!

Mint Cost: 0.08 ETH

NFT Mint: Rebelz

The Rebelz is a collection of 10,000 unique Rebellious Ethereum Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. Each more rebellious than the last one with access to exclusive events and giveaways just for being yourself! The Rebelz are a variety of unique digital artwork that can be generated from mixing 100 different traits. All the Rebellious ones in this world really love to ride motorcycles and paint their nails, but some take it one step further than others! For 0.049 ether you get your own piece (50 free; 10 available through giveaways) with every new generation – so don’t wait too long before grabbing yours before they’re gone forever!!

Mint Cost: 0.049 ETH

NFT Mint: Homies

The perfect character for any adventure. With 10,000 avatars and 200 handcrafted 3D traits to choose from; you’re sure find the one that suits your style best! Some items may only appear once throughout this entire collection which means there’s always something new just around every corner at homie gs

Mint Cost: 0.05 ETH



Promoted Collections

The Vegetarians is a humanoid vegetables from a parallel universe, they can’t believe that in our universe we Eat Our Veggies. There will be a total of 5,000 Vegetarians NFT’s Minting on November 12, 2021