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10 Awesome Solana NFT Mints in December 2021 !

Sit back and relax as we show you our 10 favourite Solana NFT mints for December 2021!
Solana NFT mints happening in December 2021

Sit back and relax as we collected our 10 favourite Solana NFT mints for this month.

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Upcoming NFT mint: CyberTrees

The destruction of the tropical rainforest has been caused more by human activity than any natural damage. This deforestation is extensive and irreversible, due to factors such as oil extraction, mining logging , warring against animals for food or poaching them into extinction . The result?

A lot less plants that can absorb water vapor from clouds allowing us humans easier access when trying deal with droughts. Humans and aliens had a long history of hostility. But as more people became interested in the environment, those on Earth realized their mistakes from centuries ago; how can you love something if your actions are destroying it? The two races have started diplomatic talks to see what might be possible for future generations that don’t pillage or pollute like we used too before they finally came around (or maybe even earlier than expected.

Mint Cost: 1 SOL

Upcoming NFT mint: Culture of Women

The art of the female species is celebrated on Solana blockchain with a collection of 10k unique NFTs. Each one contains detailed computer-generated drawings, and their features represent all possible generations or beauty that exists today!

Mint Cost: TBA

Upcoming NFT mint: Dragon Eggs

A dragon’s egg is an heirloom that can be used for many purposes. Some people use them as decoration or in art, but they’re also good to have on hand if you ever need money from your savings account because nobody wants the ugly-looking hard Susan! If this sounds like something your friend may enjoy? How about presenting them with a beautiful metal hatching stand and incubator so their new treasure will grow into one of artistically crafted jewelry pieces worthy enough for any occasion; birthdays included!.. Plus, they’re super rare–only 25 of them exist in all the world right now.

Mint Cost: 2.5 SOL

Upcoming NFT mint: Dinodawg Kingdom

With over 150 different breeds, there are 8500 citizens living in Dinodawg Kingdom. These people come with unique traits and you can buy into their crypto currency for yourself or as an investment strategy! If the price goes up then these new critters might be worth even more than before because they’ll have access not just on what’s inside them but also some benefits from enemies drops too.

Mint Cost: 0.99 SOL

Upcoming NFT mint: Eternalz

Step into the metaverse and find yourself a perfect piece of art! Stop waiting for inspiration or that one special thing, because you can have it all right here. 1,888 unique items with references from anime games movies are waiting to be discovered by YOU in this virtual aisle – let your creativity run wild on these pieces as if they were YOUR own creations, The Project Of Your Dreams!!!

Mint Cost: 0.88 SOL

Upcoming NFT mint: Solan System

The Alpha and Omega of the Multiverse, Solana’s unique planar system is home to 5800 planets. The risk for them all disappear in one go makes this an especially dangerous place! The event horizon of the great supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*, at center of our galaxy is expanding far beyond lightspeed while emitting strong Hawking radiation. This sounds like an end but something unpredictable happened!

Mint Cost: 0.5 SOL

Upcoming NFT mint: Ground Zero MetaSociety

The metaheads are our favorite characters. They were created pixel by painstakingly perfecting every detail, layer over other layers with passion and love in order to make them the best they can be! We went through 10K images fixing any imperfections that stood out while making sure not a single one looked bad enough for us not do something about it- after all this time spent making everything just right; you deserve nothing less than perfection from your favourite pixels.

Mint Cost: 0.75 SOL

Upcoming NFT mint: Zoodiacs

The Zoodiacs is a project that aims to create 12 collections of algorithmically generated NFTs based on the Chinese zodiac. The idea was created in order for us all to be able participate and assist with conservation efforts, but also give Solana Zoo-building game play where you can earn badges by using your funds or progress made through gameplay!

Mint Cost: FREE

Upcoming NFT mint: Shoeuzi

The shoeuzi nft project is a collaboration with 10,000 randomly generated “Scattered” shoeuzis. Each scattered piece can be collected to make four complete designs and each design has been made in Unreal Engine for our first person shooter multiplayer battle royale game!

Mint Cost: 0.4 SOL

Upcoming NFT mint: Nimble Reptiles

The Solana NFT collection is a blockchain-based, algorithmically generated set of reptiles. The design collaboration between experienced IT workers and popular modern artists was created to mirror the dynamic nature that they see in their work every day. The many different traits of all characters will create a world with an infinite number of interesting stories. Every generated Reptile is unique, so you’ll never have the same one twice!

Mint Cost: 1 SOL



Promoted Collections

The Vegetarians is a humanoid vegetables from a parallel universe, they can’t believe that in our universe we Eat Our Veggies. There will be a total of 5,000 Vegetarians NFT’s Minting on November 12, 2021