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10 Ethereum NFT Drops in November 2021 that we love!

November is the season of approaching winter, between summer and winter during which temperatures gradually decrease. A month where the NFT collectors love to watch for. Various season that connects to design ideas in NFT art such as the Halloween, Thanksgiving, All Souls Day, and many more.

Sit back and relax as we collected our 10 favourite Ethereum NFT drops for this month.
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NFT Drop: Guppy Gang

Untamed Isles will revolutionize NFT gaming, and with it comes a whole new world of possibilities for Guppy Gang – who are always looking to help their players reach the next level. You can earn rare in-game items or a valuable trade on the Untamed marketplace with Guppy Gangs. The Guppy is a creature that was first introduced into the game and quickly became an icon for us. They’re cute, round-faced with big flippers – how could you not love these guys?! Their iconic status has allowed them to be found all over Untamed Isles high or low as they make their way through every nook and cranny looking out for new friends on land!

Mint Cost: 0.08 ETH

NFT Drop:Paper People

Who are the Paper People? The Paper People are everywhere. Some say they were created by a Japanese origami master to try and halt the digital takeover, but others believe these strange beings only exist in your mind- if you dare look for them! The future of individuality depends on the blockchain. With lives saved or lost in this digital era, there’s no turning back now! The only hope for these individuals is to migrate their unique identities into Non-fungible ERC-721 tokens which can be used by anyone through smart contracts and will never go obsolete like other forms of identification do over time due to technological advances that make them outdated quickly – even if you don’t want it too!!

Mint Cost: 0.04 ETH

NFT Drop:CryptoUnicorns

In Crypto Unicorns, it’s all about the awesomely unique Unicorn NFTs. You can use them in a fun farming simulation as well as Battle Loops including Jousting and Racing! Crypto Unicorns plans to launch with Farming Gameplay, Jousting and Racing as well as Team Battle soon. The community needs time for growth but it is possible they will add even more types of gameplay in the future!

Mint Cost: 0.1 ETH

NFT Drop:CryptoPugs

CryptoPugs are a collection of Pugs that roam the Ethereum blockchain. Each Pug is uniquely generated and can be found with your friends in any game or district you choose! Every crypto pug is unique and programmatically generated from endless combination of attributes, like background, skin tone or glasses. Rare breeds can be worth thousands!

Mint Cost: 0.065 ETH

NFT Drop:Soulcops Encrypted Project

We’re Recruiting 10,000 Soul Cop To Protect The World. When we think about law enforcement and safety in our communities there is no better way to feel safe than by having a friendly police officer on hand that you can talk with or go through any other kind of trouble if need-be because they will always have your back!

Mint Cost: 0.068 ETH

NFT Drop:Neand Nation

The human race went extinct and the neanderthals kept on thriving. The decline of the human race is a fascinating story. Humans couldn’t withstand their harsh prehistoric conditions and went extinct, but as they say “where some fail others start to thrive.” Neanderthals are a rare species, able to survive thanks to their high organizational skills and domestication abilities. They have the ability tool crafting tools as well as empathy for others that ranges deep within them which allows for this kind of behavior in nature’s surroundings.

Mint Cost: 0.066 ETH

NFT Drop:Monkey Heist Club

The story of 5555 animated monkeys who became world-famous thieves has been making the news. In a few days, their fate will become clear when it’s announced on Ethereum blockchain!

Mint Cost: 0.0 ETH

NFT Drop:21 Hundreds

The year 2126 saw the creation of a Probability Algorithm by Dr. Jeremy Kane, who had created it with one goal in mind: to calculate solutions for global problems and find more efficient ways than humans could do so themselves. But things went wrong when he realized that his machine was growing too powerful; mandatory barcodes were enforced while new laws were introduced all over Earth which saved our planet from possible disaster at any time soon enough!

The city of Kyodina was once a pristine Super City. It wasn’t until 2178 when people started rising up and banding together that the largest metropolis on earth became riddled with turmoil; now groups are all across this futuristic world where oppression prevails for their own purposes, but if you’re going to survive in such an inhospitable place then it is imperative that one chooses who they will join out of ten thousand characters within 21Century’s story – there can be no other way than being made progress!

Mint Cost: 0.12 ETH

NFT Drop:Sovereign Degens

Step into the world of Sovereign Degens, an interactive adventure that will keep you entertained through this crypto winter. Maybe we’re all in a simulation? Discover what it means to be self-sovereign and navigate your way around these futuristic lands! The adventure starts with getting your Sovereign Degens and affirming you’re a member of the community. Over coming weeks, players will be able to uncover plots that are being driven by our story-driven game mechanics as well as challenges for even more rewards!

Mint Cost: 0.08 ETH

NFT Drop:Bored Babes

Bored Babes is excited to be joining the BAYC and WOW NFT collections. Bored Babes is the brainchild of two friends who share a love for vintage pieces. They wanted to create something new out of this space, so they enlisted the help from talented artist Nikola Miranovic, a man with an impressive resume including artwork on Stranger Things!

Mint Cost: 0.07 ETH

NFT Drop:Project Origin

A civilization of 10,000 randomly assembled Originators fighting for survival in their new home. Who will you become? A group so diverse they could be considered a whole other species… The only thing more remarkable than these people’s resilience is how much can change even with just one person at the center who has gone through all sorts of terrible things including being kidnapped and held against her or his will!

Mint Cost: 0.08 ETH



Promoted Collections

The Vegetarians is a humanoid vegetables from a parallel universe, they can’t believe that in our universe we Eat Our Veggies. There will be a total of 5,000 Vegetarians NFT’s Minting on November 12, 2021