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5 NFT Mint Tips To Boost Your NFT Sales

An NFT mint is the initial sale of your NFT project where you allow NFT collectors to purchase your NFTs at a fixed price. The goal of this sale is to create hype and attract a large audience to sell all your pre-mint NFTs. This will generate more buzz by creating scarcity, thereby driving up the price of your NFTs, leading to FOMO among your collectors. 

Here’s five NFT Mint Tips to boost your NFT mint sales

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NFT Mint Tip 1: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a no brainer for NFT mints. You should start preparing your social media schedule for social media at least two weeks before the drop. 

Adopt an omni channel approach by showcasing your NFTs on all the platforms – Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. Initially, focus more on Twitter and Dicsord because you will find a crypto educated audience on these social media platforms. 

How you communicate the utility and rarity of your NFT matters the most. Be as transparent as you can – highlight the roadmap, explain the idea behind your NFT project, talk about how your NFT art is unique, and focus on the underlying utility. 

The next most important aspect after transparency is engagement. Try to be active in your Discord and Twitter and answer all the doubts people have about your NFT project. Organize Ask me Anything (AMA) sessions to engage with your community. 

If you do all this, your audience will know you really value your community and they will reciprocate by supporting the project if they see value in it. 

NFT Mint Tip 2: Social Media Marketing A Mint Alert Bot, such as

Let’s be honest- there’s a lot of noise around NFTs these days. It’s hard to differentiate between good projects and rug pulls. You don’t want your NFT project to go unnoticed due to all this noise. 

To distinguish your project and get noticed, many projects are using Bot Rocket’s Discord mint bots. With the use of Discord bots, you will be able to automatically send real-time mint and sales alerts to your audience at budget-friendly prices. 

The notifications your NFT bot sends will constantly plant FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among your potential collectors, tempting them to subscribe to your NFT mint sales.

NFT Mint Tip 3: Create An Eye-Catching Teaser 

Creating teasers will help reveal your project in a way that creates a sense of intrigue among your audience, prompting them to know more about your project. A good teaser can be the difference between a successful mint sale and an average one. 

While creating the teaser, make sure you don’t reveal everything about your project. Keep the teaser short yet exciting and post it on all your website and social media channels. 

Your goal should be to attract more collectors to know more about your project and join your Discord group. Once they are interested in your project, make sure you solve all their doubts and make it easy for them to decide whether or not to buy your NFT. 

You can consider the teaser as the first step of your sales funnel. It is the most important step if you want to convert your audience into your NFT collectors. 

NFT Mint Tip 4: Run Giveaways And Competitions on Discord

Organizing giveaways and competitions can make marketing less salesy as it focuses more on community engagement. It is no wonder that every NFT project runs a giveaway campaign to increase their reach.

Giveaways are a win-win for all stakeholders. You get maximum reach and your followers get free rewards. And who doesn’t love giveaways? 

To create hype and excitement around your NFT project, run giveaways and competitions in your discord community. Be creative and figure out ways to make giveaway terms less annoying and yet drive maximum engagement. 

For example, you can run giveaways where participants have to share a screenshot of their entry in the whitelist on all their social media handles and tag your NFT project.

Talking about competitions, you can organize competitions where participants who invite the most number of people to the Discord group will win a reward or those who get the most likes/comments on their social media posts promoting your NFT project will win.

NFT Mint Tip 5: Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is another way of leveraging a loyal community of an influencer to promote your NFT project. 

You can reach out to influencers who people trust when it comes to crypto and NFTs. These influencers will usually charge you in cryptocurrencies, fiat cash, or your NFT art as a reward.

Wrapping up 

How you market your NFTs during the mint sales will determine the success of your NFT project. The more hype you create during the mint sales the more popular your NFT project will be. 

Social media marketing, using Discord bot to send automatic alerts, creating a teaser, and paid promotions from influencers and NFT communities are some of the top ways to boost your NFT mint sales. 



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