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Everything you need to know about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seem to have exploded out of the ether this year. From art and music, tacos and toilet paper—these digital assets are selling like 17th century exotic Dutch tulips--some for millions! But is it worth all that money? Some experts say they're a bubble poised to pop just as dotcom craze or Beanie Babies did before them; others think NFT will be here forever but with some updates on how we use them in today’s world economy

What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and completely interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. NFTs can be easily associated with reproducible items, such as photos or videos that have been digitized for safekeeping–they serve the same function as certificates from authentic originals in some cases! With blockchain technology providing verification throughout this process it becomes much easier to establish ownership at anytime without risk thanks also other benefits like being able to track its history through wallets linked directly within Ethereum Blockchain[2].

How do I buy an NFT?

When it comes to buying an NFT, the most important thing you’ll need before hand are either an Ethereum or Solana wallet. Why? Because non-fungible tokens run on these blockchains and require that users have wallets for the NFTs which can only be deployed in their networks. Once you have your wallet sorted, you will then be able to connect to an NFT exchange, and the buying, trading, creating and swapping can begin!

What are the most popular Ethereum (ETH) wallets for NFTs?


Maintained by Ethereum Foundation-backed ConsenSys, Metamask is potentially the best NFT wallet for collectors and creators. In 2020 though they released a simpler interface that allows users to collect tokens with ease while also connecting them on other dApps like CryptoKitties or Gifto

Using metamask you can create an ETH wallet so it will connect all of your different platforms which allow trading/minting nft’s

Metamask is easy to use, free to use and provides security in addition to convenience features like syncing transactions across desktop versions or mobile apps with an built-in ETH wallet integration so you can make payments without having multiple accounts on different platforms (which could potentially get confusing).

The best thing about Metamasks? Its’ availability in both Mobile Web Application where users are able explore NFTs & DeFi applications; and a Desktop Client Application which enables you do things such as buy/sell cryptocurrency directly from within Ethereum wallets without ever leaving their browser.


Enjin is a popular blockchain wallet for gamers. The company’s Enjin coin can be used to buy and sell digital assets from in-game items all the way up to cryptocurrencies, which makes it easier than ever before possible get your hands on collectibles like weapons or armor!

Enjin also offers one-click access to many Ethereum dApps. These include ones used for decentralised finance (DeFi), and it has also announced plans of integrating in future Samsung smartphones as an integrated blockchain wallet – making them more accessible than ever before!

The app includes an exchange feature that allows users to easily convert cryptocurrency into another type, making it easier than ever before!

The Enjin wallet is the perfect way to manage your digital assets on mobile (but as far as we know isn’t available on desktop yet). You can also only store and transfer any Ethereum based NFTs.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the most user-friendly wallets out there. It offers users quick access to NFT applications with just one click, and its support for multiple blockchains means they have more options than many other competitors in this space! The built-in crypto exchange function makes it even better suited as both an everyday Ethereum holder or someone looking to trade effortlessly between different coins – all without leaving your browser tab open at any point during trading sessions (though you can if desired).

Trust wallet is only available on mobile, which means it cannot be used in web browsers or computers. Trust’s affiliation with Binance means they may promote their own cryptocurrency ahead of competing platforms like Ethereum. Trust wallets primary advantage over competitors has decreased slightly because while there was initially no fee associated with deposits made through an app (you just paid 0% commission), now users will incur some sort of charge depending upon what type and amount deposit you make.

What are the most popular Solana (SOL) wallets for NFTs?

The Solana token (SOL) is an ERC-20 based on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides access to services including viewing your NFT collection, full support for SPL tokens which can be used in place of USDC or any other preferred exchange that may come up down the line – you’ll have total visibility into what’s being held by every wallet address under control!

Phantom Wallet

Phantom is a revolutionary new wallet that combines both simple and extensive functionality in an easy-to use, sleek design. As one of the most popular options on Solana for storing your coins securely with total convenience at hand – this app has quickly become essential when it comes time to invest!

The Phantom wallet also natively supports staking, making it a matter of clicks to delegate your SOL to a validator and start earning rewards. Here we feel perhaps they’re just too simple? For example: It won’t actually stop you froms taking 100% – which means that the only way to un-delegate your stake is by adding more coins into your account.
The Phantom Wallet is the best way to store your coins on a secure and convenient device. This browser extension for Ledger Nano X gives you peace of mind while browsing through DApps or using any other features that require access from an online wallet like sending funds, trading cryptocurrencies…anything!


SolFlare is a web-based wallet that offers excellent security with the Ledger. With Solflare, you can store your coins in an online account and access them from any device including desktop computers or smart phones! It also has great browser extensions for Chrome & Firefox so there will be no need to install new apps on every device type imaginable.

It’s never been easier to get into the world of cryptocurrency with this wallet. It has all of your needs covered and can be used for not just transferring SOL but also storing, trading, staking or even sending other coins! This product makes getting involved in NFTs so much easier than ever before.

Like the Phantom wallet, SolFlare offers Ledger Nano X users full access to funds at all times and supports both audio-based or visual NFTs.


Sollet is a web-based platform that provides easy access and open for managing SOL. It connects to the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, which makes it appealing to some users who want more security but also have an issue with being able connect from anywhere due less security precautions in place during transactions.

Sollet is a browser extension for accessing Solana DApps that you can use on its own or paired up with Ledger Nano X Ledger. It’s not always recommended if you want direct access, but using it makes an excellent integration with the Nano X and helps make transactions even smoother than before!

What are the most popular places to buy NFTs?


OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for all things NFT. With over $10 billion in trade volume, Open Sea enables users to purchase and sell items from video games or even artwork!

It’s easy to get started with Opensea! Once you’re a member, browsing and hunting for things that catch your eye is all it takes. You can submit an offer to an auction, or simply “buy now” if one of the millions of NFTs for sale appeals to you at the listed price; there are no other steps involved in purchasing NFTs (non fungible tokens).

You can upload your own NFT work to Opensea and make great money in the process! There’s just one step: visit “Create” then link up your wallet as a creator. Once that happens, all you need do is fill out some details about yourself or what this item represents for society at large – no artistic talent required here-and wait until millions pour onto our screens because they know how awesome YOU are with words on paper (digital).


Rarible lets you purchase and sell all kinds of digital media. It’s like OpenSea, but with more options for artistic expression! Sellers can generate NFTs from their works to make sure they maximize profits even further on this new marketplace in town – one that rewards creativity rather than cutthroat competition (or maybe we’re just friends?).

The user interface of Rarible is so easy, even crypto newcomers can use it! You’ll feel right at home if you’ve ever used OpenSea or any other marketplace like it.

Rarible supports a number of popular wallets, including MetaMask and Coinbase. Once you are signed in to Rarible you may use the funds in your wallet any way that suits you or fill up as well with fiat cash through bank transfer or debit card deposit.


The SolSea marketplace is the first of its kind. It offers an open nft market on solana with integrated minting, supports ftxpay and has regular updates to keep things interesting!

Get started on Solsea by creating a wallet and signing up for your favorite exchange. Either Phantom, Sollet or Flare will work fine in getting SOL into this fun new platform! You can then create profiles to track all aspects of the crypto economy from home with ease using one simple interface.

Solsea has been designed from scratch with one goal in mind: becoming THE marketplace for all things digital, no matter how small or large you think it could be! With features like embedded licenses that allow users NFTs creation capabilities as well as compatibility by being listed through the token standard called SPL – this site is revolutionising many aspects of the global NFT industry.

Wrapping up 

Wow, thanks for sticking with us. We hope the above has provided a great overview of how to get started in the NFT-world, but don’t forget that our team at NFT Select is always available for questions, or discussions on key NFT info, news, upcoming mints and more, via our website or discord.



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