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Notorious Pigeonz

Notorious Pigeonz are an interesting new development in the world of blockchain games. Not only can you be a normal avatar or member on your tribe, but if have animal traits like wings and claws–you could turn into one too!
I’m not sure how I feel about these ferocious birds-on-feet invaders from someplace else…

If you’re a fan of birds and violence, this is the perfect way to get involved with your favorite animal. You’ll join our elite society that values both love for these adorable creatures as well as their gritty side!

The Pigeonz are coming! The minting schedule for this week is as follows:
1000 piggies will be released on Wednesday, another 999 come out later that day and then it’s back to normal next Tuesday with a total of 3000. Don’t forget there are nine ninety-nine boxes available so you can grab one before they’re gone forever!.



Promoted Collections

The Vegetarians is a humanoid vegetables from a parallel universe, they can’t believe that in our universe we Eat Our Veggies. There will be a total of 5,000 Vegetarians NFT’s Minting on November 12, 2021