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Our 10 Favourite Solana NFT Drops in November 2021

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November is the season of approaching winter, between summer and winter during which temperatures gradually decrease. A month where the NFT collectors love to watch for. Various season that connects to design ideas in NFT art such as the Halloween, Thanksgiving, All Souls Day, and many more.

Sit back and relax as we collected our 10 favourite Solana NFT drops for this month.

Baby Samo Genesis

The Baby Samo team is set to launch the highly anticipated Genesis NFT collection in conjunction with their newest release, Baby Samcoin. Half of proceeds from this new line will be donated back into BABY coin and burned on open market for us all enjoy! Baby Samo Coin $BABY is a new opportunity for meme-powered gains wrapped in the cutest package ever seen. The Genesis NFT’s will serve as a $BABY coin store of value because the NFT’s can be exchanged and burned for 200,000 dollars at any time.

Mint Cost: 0.5 SOL

The Solsons

The Solsons group is always looking for new ways to have fun. Imagine playing your favorite game but with an added incentive–rewarding players who don’t want any reward! They’re doing everything they can think of in order make this experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, including creating P2E Game where people will be able play their old favorites again thanksgiving token ($DNT).

Mint Cost: 0.1 SOL

Project Paradise

The first 10,000 generated champions will be able to play in our open world game. This is more than just amazing art; there are utilities and rewards for all project holders with Project Paradise as it’s community driven project! All suggestions will considered so that YOU can build what kind of paradise YOU want your new planet or solar system becoming–the way someone else wants it too?

Mint Cost: 0.8 SOL

Dazed Raccoon Space Club

Dazed Raccoons are a type of collectible in the space club. These cute little raccoon figures offer unique benefits for their owners, including discounts on purchases and unlocking other exclusive content! All raccoon holders will be eligible for random periodic gifts and airdrops from the team. 5 special raccoons are guaranteed to get EXCLUSIVE rewards! 100 raccoons are a bit more trashy than the rest and have mastered the art of dumpster-diving, which means they’ll sometimes find special surprise airdrops from OUR team. A single raccoon can reportedly devour 20 pounds (9kg) in just one sitting!

Mint Cost: 0.95 SOL


Sol Snack is a collection of 3,333 randomly generated NFTs and we wanted to create an engaging community. We will be hosting game/events for competition as well as rewarding winners amongst our members!

Mint Cost: 0.55 SOL

Terrestrial T-Rex Club

The Terrestrial T-Rex Club is an upcoming NFT Collection on Solana with a unique and self-developed Mission Protocol. Hold the right combination of NFTs in your inventory, then proceed through each mission for rewards that are funded by one or more shares from its initial sales – including some hefty jackpots! The T-Rexes have been collaborating to stop the meteors, and it looks like their collaborative efforts are finally paying off! The Terrestial Rex Club will award them with great rewards for a successful joint mission.

Mint Cost: 0.5 SOL

Fortune Finance

The quest to find the tastiest and most powerful Fortune Cookie has never been more appetizing. Each mint costs just 1 Solana, so you’ll have enough money for an adventure in no time! Try your luck with one of our 8888 recipes today or see how long it takes before someone finishes them all up again. The time has almost arrived for you to find out your fate with Soltar’s Fortune Cookies. Perhaps this year will be full of good fortune and luck, or maybe not so much!

Owning one of the “freshly baked” batch of cookies will bring you lots of fortune, including future airdrops and chances to win other NFTs. Cookie holders are able to crack their cookie open for even more rewards! You don’t want it? Well then eat them with an attitude because these treats have been blessed by God himself- so who cares if they’re good luck charms or not… The rich brown exterior hides deliciousness inside—treat yourself while also giving back in order pay homage–so let’s take this opportunity right now: Eat up!!

Mint Cost: 1.11 SOL

Solana Beauties

A group of the most beautiful, algorithmically generated ladies on the Solana blockchain! Each beauty is created with a combination of various hand-drawn traits and rare ones. 20% from all proceeds will be donated to breast cancer charities. She is fierce, elegant and perhaps a little too friendly. Loving single mom who takes great care of her child; she was born into large family on the Solana blockchain where there’s nothing stopping your talents or skills from reaching success in life– until it came to breast cancer diagnosis which turned out not be an obstacle after all but rather something that would help this woman achieve more than anyone could ever imagine possible!

Mint Cost: 1 SOL

Neopets Metaverse

The Neopia blockchain metaverse is a vast, ever-changing landscape. New islands are discovered every day and the residents of these Solana worlds have to adapt or risk being left behind by technology!

Mint Cost: 1 SOL

Nasty Nerds

Welcome to the era where creativity is king, and everyone with an internet connection can be a hero. Each NFT is a symbol of the new digital era. It has deep sociocultural ties to its individual components and represents an entire way of life in our world today that will soon become obsolete as we transition into something else entirely! The algorithmically-created nerd is the ultimate goal of society. With almost two million potential options, each one is unique and created from 108 traits that make them different than anyone else in this world or any other universe (although they might exist). There shall be just 10101 nerds – no next generation allowed!

Mint Cost: 1.11 SOL

Grumpy Grandpas

Meet Grumpy Grandpa, our first member of the non-fungible family! He earned 5400 unique seniors on Solana blockchain. The Del SOL Assisted Living is a retirement community on the Solana blockchain that puts family first. They host an exclusive bingo night each month for guardians and their gramps, where they can socialize with other residents while playing games to win some prizes! For every grandpa minted $5 USD will be donated to United Veterans Beacon House, a non-profit organization that provides services for veterans and their families. They provide the support needed in order to help them become independent again!

Mint Cost: 2 SOL



Promoted Collections

The Vegetarians is a humanoid vegetables from a parallel universe, they can’t believe that in our universe we Eat Our Veggies. There will be a total of 5,000 Vegetarians NFT’s Minting on November 12, 2021