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SolRooms NFT

Life re-imagined on the Solana Blockchain.
A new and affordable development of unique rooms is coming to a place near you soon! The innovative algorithms that generate these complex structures bring imagination out in everyone, especially those who have never experienced one before or can’t imagine their lives without them.”

The Solana blockchain is home to 2500 rooms, all generated algorithmically and stored on the network. Owners will enjoy different benefits depending on their location in relation with our vision for this new world order! Join us at an upcoming event where you can build your very own hand-made room or head over now if it’s already built – we wouldn’t want anyone without access during these early stages would we?



Promoted Collections

The Vegetarians is a humanoid vegetables from a parallel universe, they can’t believe that in our universe we Eat Our Veggies. There will be a total of 5,000 Vegetarians NFT’s Minting on November 12, 2021