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The Masked Children

One morning, a pregnant woman in Sanger City woke up to find that her unborn child had black eyes. Afraid of what this could mean for the safety and health of other pregnant women around town, authorities decided it was best if they were all killed–just under 7 thousand babies total managed to escape with their lives before being put down by injection or asphyxiation at birth!

The city of Sanger has been plagued by mysterious children in masks who start stalking residents just after the beginning of full-time school. Multiple violent encounters have occurred, all police reports indicate that these assailants were victims too – with black eyes seemingly inflicted at random

Starting this Fall 2021 kids will be starting their first day back at schools across America; some may remember it fondly while others dread going through another year like last time around. But one thing you can count on is Halloween spooking up any wannabe monsters before they cause harm or mischief (or possibly both). We’ve had quite a few close calls here locally since our latest bout turned into an epidemic two years ago which left many people injured



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