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Vicious Cobra Tribe

Vicious Cobra Tribe is a collection of 9,999 unique Cobras. These gestating children have reached our days and they’re not your average snakes: these ones come from an ancient tradition passed down by their ancestors in the last generation!

The Cobra tribe has been around for ages, and they are the only ones that can survive in today’s society. They have an ear to listen when it comes down who is worthy of being their new member- you are one if your COBRA gets minted! After becoming part of this elite group called “El Cobrado’, there may be some perks too – like recognition as well as status among other tribesmen (or women).



Promoted Collections

The Vegetarians is a humanoid vegetables from a parallel universe, they can’t believe that in our universe we Eat Our Veggies. There will be a total of 5,000 Vegetarians NFT’s Minting on November 12, 2021